EU initiative for jobs to Ukrainian refugees

The European Commission has launched a project for a platform to facilitate access to the labor market for Ukrainian refugees. The initiative is expected to be up and running by summer.

A shared platform to facilitate labor market access for Ukrainian refugees and enable European employers to tap into their skills and talents is the aim of a pilot initiative launched Wednesday (April 27) by the European Commission that is expected to be operative by summer.

The measure will be the first for the EU Talent Pool to facilitate legal migration and attract talents from third countries.

In order to push forward with "ambitious and sustainable" migration policies, Brussels has also proposed reform of a directive on a combined work and stay permit and on long-term stay permits.

EU initiatives on migration

The initiatives aim to "lay the foundations of a sustainable and common approach to labor migration to address EU skills needs in the long term," Vice President Margaritis Schinas of the Commission said. "[Migration] gives those who want to migrate an opportunity to improve their circumstances while providing more skilled workers for host countries, who in turn boost the economy for all."

To create a more effective framework for legal migration, the proposal would update existing policies to streamline the process of applying to work and live in the EU by making a single application for work and residence in the EU, facilitating the process for both employees and employers.

The new procedure would enable those making the request to file requests from third countries or from EU Member States and would strengthen protections concerning equal treatment and protection from exploitation.

The revision would facilitate long-term residence through the updated Long-Term Residence Directive, simplifying for example the accumulation of periods of residence in different Member States.

Family reunification and EU mobility will also be facilitated

The European Commission also expects to bring in measures to strengthen the rights of long-term residents and their family members to facilitate family reunification and mobility inside the EU.

Legal migration to the Europe for the medium to long term, Brussels has stressed, should focus on three areas of action: assistance, youth, and innovation.

The aim will be to attract skills and talent in areas in which there is a lack of manpower, for example in long-term care, as well as create opportunities for the young, encourage innovation entrepreneurship, and invest in EU technological sovereignty.

SOURCE: InfoMigrants


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