Austria and Denmark present plan on curbing illegal migration

Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl and Danish Minister for Immigration Inger Stojberg have developed a plan to curb the influx of undocumented migrants coming to the European Union, Kleine Zeitung reported on Thursday.

According to the Kleine Zeitung newspaper, the plan, which was presented during the conference of the European Migration Network (EMN), envisages ensuring an effective control on the EU external borders. Austria and Denmark reportedly want to deport all migrants who have no right to stay in the European Union back to either their native country, a safe third-party or special migrant reception centers.

The plan also seeks to create better conditions in the countries of migrants' origin, prevent refugee deaths in the Mediterranean Sea, destroy the human trafficking business, strengthen solidarity between EU countries and the Schengen Area’s member states, as well as resettle refugees after tackling illegal migration.

The plan was presented after in June, the European Council summit agreed on several aspects of the EU migration policy, including the establishment of "regional disembarkation platforms in close cooperation with relevant third countries" and controlled centers in the EU member states to process asylum applications. The resettlement or relocation of migrants across the bloc is expected to be done on a voluntary basis amid the lack of consensus.

European countries have been experiencing a severe migration crisis since 2015 due to the influx of thousands of migrants and refugees fleeing crises and poverty in the Middle East and North Africa.

SOURCE: Sputnik



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