International Migration

Understanding changes in scale, emerging trends and shifting demographics related to global social and economic transformations, such as migration, help us make sense of the changing world we live in and plan for the future. The current global estimate international migrants population to be around 272 million, which equates to 3.5% of the global population. It is important to note is that this is a very small minority of the world’s population, meaning that staying within one’s country of birth remains the norm. The great majority of people do not migrate across borders; much larger numbers migrate within countries.

Majority of people migrate internationally for reasons related to work, family and study. Other people leave their homes and countries for a range of compelling and sometimes tragic reasons, such as conflict, persecution and disaster.

272 million$20.00

Global population of international migrants in 2019


Of the world’s population or 1 in every 30 people


Migrants in 2019 were female


Of all international migrants were of working age (20–64 years)

141 million$20.00

International migrants (more than half) lived in Europe and Northern America

USD 689 billion$20.00

International remittances. The op 3 remittance recipients were India (USD 78.6 billion), China (USD 67.4 billion) and Mexico (USD 35.7 billion).

111.2 million$20.00

Number of migrant workers in high-income countries in 2018

17.5 million$20.00

India had the largest number of migrants living abroad

50.7 million $20.00

Number of international migrants in the United States, top destination country

2,183 $20.00

Number of migrant deaths recorded in 2019, these figures do not include a rising number of shipwrecks still yet to be confirmed

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