Ukrainian immigration to Germany surges by 1.1 million in 2022

A total of 1.1 million people from Ukraine will have reached Germany in 2022, preliminary data from Destatis, the Federal Statistical Office has revealed.

According to a press release, the net immigration from Ukraine reached 962,000 in 2022 – high than that from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan all together recorded between 2014 and 2016, which was 834,000, reports.

Moreover, over two-thirds, or 68 per cent, of the immigrants arrived between March and May 2022, which was in the first three months of the military attack of Russia in Ukraine. In general, Ukrainian citizens represented the second largest nationality group after Turkish citizens throughout October 2022.

The majority of Ukrainian arrivals were women – 292,543 compared to 138,138 men recorded in March 2022, which is the following month of the military attack, which at the same time represents the peak of Ukrainians arriving in Germany.

The latest data on Ukrainian arrivals are those of December 2022, when a total of 31,598 people reached the country – 17,404 of which were women.

In general, data show that between January and September 2022, the majority of arrivals – nearly 40 per cent of all arrivals were women aged between 18 and 40 years old, while some four per cent of arrivals were men over 60 years old, representing the lowest number of arrivals compared to all other groups.

Furthermore, the proportion of Ukrainian nationals in the total population was highest in Berlin and Hamburg, while the lowest was recorded in Schleswig-Holstein. More specifically, Ukrainians made up 0.37 per cent of all population in Berlin at the beginning of 2022, and these rates further increased to 1.47 per cent in October of the same year.

The second and third cities to have experienced a surge in Ukrainian population were Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – 1.26 and 1.11 per cent more than in January 2022, respectively. On the other hand, the number of Ukrainian nationals rose by 0.9 per cent for Schleswig-Holstein and 0.98 per cent for the Rheinland-Pfalz region, respectively. These two regions represented the smallest shares of the Ukrainian population in Germany, which yet is quite high.

In conclusion, the number of arrivals from Ukraine to Germany surged from 14,465 recorded in February to 430,681 – indicating that the number of Ukrainians in the country multiplied by almost 30 times in one month alone.

In the following month, April, a total of 198,022 Ukrainians arrived in Germany – 54 per cent less than in March, while the total number dropped to 31,598 in December. Regardless of the month, the number of Ukrainian arrivals in Germany calculated in monthly rates has doubled.

SOURCE: Schengen Visa Info


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