35 illegal migrants stopped at Hungarian-Serbian border

Thirty-five illegal migrants were stopped at the Hungarian-Serbian border, the Hungarian government said Wednesday in a statement.

"Hungarian border police stopped 35 illegal migrants near the Kelebia border crossing on the Serbian-Hungarian border," the government said in an online statement.

"Bacs-Kiskun (south of Hungary) county police confirmed that the migrants had hidden in a wagon and on the undercarriage of a Serbian freight train. They had no valid identification," the statement added.

Eighteen people declared themselves to be Iranian, fourteen Afghan and three said they were Iraqi nationals. The Hungarian police escorted them back to the border fence, according to the statement.

On Tuesday, 31 illegal immigrants were found in a van of a Hungarian citizen. Twenty-nine of the illegal immigrants claimed to be Afghan citizens and two were Indians.

The driver was from Budapest and is suspected of human smuggling. The 54 year-old Hungarian man has been arrested and taken into custody after being caught transporting the 31 illegal migrants.

According to Hungarian news agency MTI, the man was taken into custody in the eastern Hungarian town of Polgar after officials from the Customs and Tax Office tried to stop the van for a random check of its cargo on motorway M3 (East), but the driver tried to flee.

SOURCE: Xinhua



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