EU grants Morocco €101.7 million to curb irregular migration

The grant is part of a fund of more than €140 million that the EU has pledged to support Morocco’s efforts to control the flow of undocumented migrants.

The European Union (EU) has said that Morocco will receive new financial aid of €101.7 million. The financial support will help Morocco fight irregular migration and human trafficking.

“This support, which is part of the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, aims to support Morocco’s efforts to fight illegal immigration and human trafficking,” said a statement from the European Commission.

The statement quoted the European commissioner for neighbourhood and enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, who said that the aid seeks to deepen the EU-Moroccan partnership to cut the number of irregular migrant arrivals in Europe through the western Mediterranean route.

The EU aims for the fund to prevent people from risking their lives at sea.

The grant is part of the €147.7 million that the EU earmarked for the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa to combat illegal immigration and human trafficking, protect vulnerable people, and increase economic development in North Africa.

“In addition to € 41 million to improve the protection of migrants, children and vulnerable communities in Libya, an aid of € 5 million is being mobilized by the EU to promote economic opportunities in North Africa particularly through boosting regional entrepreneurship,” Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) reported.

The EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa was created in 2015 to address the root causes of instability, illegal migration, and forced displacement.

SOURCE: Morocco World News



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