Most immigrants to Israel are women

Immigration data shows 52% of newcomers in Israel over past decades were women, most of them between the ages of 18–35; lion's share of female immigrants came from Russia, Ukraine and France.

In honour of the coming Women's Day, Israel revealed on Sunday that most immigrants that arrived in the country over the past decade were women.

According to Ministry of Aliyah and Integration data, 134,773 women immigrated to Israel in the past decade which account for 52% of all new arrivals in the state during that period.
Most newcomers were between the ages of 18–35 at the time of their arrival and over 15,000 women were over the age of 66.

The most prolific year for the immigration of women into Israel was 2019, with 18,161 new arrivals.

Most female immigrants were single upon their arrival in Israel, looking to find love in the Holy Land and 56,194 of them were married.

Some 8,000 new female immigrants work in healthcare and allied health professions, 2,340 were artists and athletes and 363 of them worked in agriculture and animal-assisted therapy.

The lion's share of female immigrants came to Israel from Russia, with 37,613 new arrivals, followed by Ukraine with some 25,000, France with more than 20,000 and the United States with some 17,000 new arrivals.

One woman even immigrated from Qatar to Israel in the past decade.



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